Institute of Theology
Admission open for Bachelor of Divinity for the Academic Year 2017-2018. You can download the Application form from website or contact The Registrar, +91 9100916872.

About Us

  • Calvin Institute of Theology was established on July 4, 2009 commemorating the 500th birth anniversary of the great reformer john Calvin. The Institute presents John Calvin as a role model to the men and women under ministerial training for the spirit of reformation and hard work.

    There is a great deal of emphasis time in our history on celebrating and enhancing our diversity. At the same time, our church has a history, both cultural and theological, and a vision and mission to shape the community from the great reformation.

    CIT, while cherishing the reformed principles and values offers ministerial training that is biblically truthful, contextually relevant and theologically innovative. It aims to train servants of God to the churches in India who are reformed in spirit, word and practice. For this reason, CIT sets up the motto as "let me be consumed in His service". CIT equips students towards servant hood leadership.

    Under the canopy of this motto, Calvin Institute of Theology helps students to Preach with conviction, with assurance, with faith. Ministry is just for the church, but also for the kingdom of God, and not only for the kingdom of God here and now, but also for the great emergence of the kingdom in its final stage.

    "Your kingdom come; your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven".


    Director, CIT.

Academic Policies & Procedures


Academic Life

CIT believes that a systematic theological education is crucial to a comprehensive and proper understanding of God's Word. Every student is expected to do his or her best in studying and understanding the Scripture. The following guidelines apply to the academic life of every student:

Spiritual Life

CIT affirms that men and women are suited for Christian service by their personal holiness, spiritual giftedness, academic competence and ministry skills. This means that personal qualities are as important as the acquisition of knowledge and ministerial skills.


CIT provides scholarships up to 80% of their total fees. Students in need of financial assistance for their studies can apply for their scholarships. Scholarships will be made available to students also on the basis of their academic and all round performance.